Carpal Ligament Injury

When Aura leapt over the barrier to go see what exciting thing was happening out there, she did not stop to see that she was actually on a second floor balcony. The diagnosis was torn ligaments in the back of her paw. 



Patella Luxation

Patellar luxation is one of the most common orthopedic conditions in dogs, diagnosed in 7% of puppies. The condition affects primarily small dogs, including Boston Terriers



Cruciate Ligament Repair

The Cruciate Ligament in the dog's knee is very important for keeping the knee stable during movement. In an unstable knee, arthritis will develop rapidly, resulting in pain and disability.


I am amazed at the difference it’s made to his performance in agility. Yoga has helped him to build up his muscles and he’s much stronger and jumping better.
I’m so convinced that Shade has benefitted from yoga that I’m now taking my four-year old Border Collie, Bruno, to yoga.

I started doing the class around 7 years ago with my border collie Kadin. I loved the classes from the start, and even though some of the exercises were challenging for us, there was always a lot of encouragement and support 

 "I think doing K9Yoga, together with the meds is a more holistic way of dealing
with arthritis. I have been doing the yoga classes for around 3 years. It makes a big difference, but I think frequency is key "

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