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K9Yoga is a fun and affordable way to help your dog develop       physical and mental


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Benefits of K9Yoga

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K9Yoga classes are   


While becoming and staying healthy is serious business, it should also be rewarding. K9Yoga classes utilise positive reinforcement, and progress is tailored to each individual dog, helping everyone to find joy in accomplishing new skills.

K9Yoga classes are                                                       RELAXING 

Stress and anxiety are significant factors in chronic pain. Injuries are also more common when a dog has difficulty maintaining calm focus. That's why we incorporate a lot of relaxation and focus exercises into our classes.

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K9Yoga classes develop


When your dog is stronger, more flexible, more balanced and more focussed, he/she will be able to cope with the stresses and strains of daily life better. Protecting our fur-kids from injury and pain does not mean stopping them from living their best dog-life. It means helping them be the best dog they can be!

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