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*Patella Luxation*

While this cute little face will make you weak at the knees, weak knees have been a bit of a challenge for Arwen. 


Patellar luxation is one of the most common orthopedic conditions in dogs, diagnosed in 7% of puppies. The condition affects primarily small dogs, especially breeds such as Boston and Yorkshire terriers, Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, and miniature poodles. Patellar luxation affects both knees in 50% of all cases.


Arwen had her first knee operation in 2018. She was very lucky to be a candidate for one of the new surgical techniques for correcting this condition - a RidgeStop™ procedure, which was done at Fourways Veterinary Hospital in Johannesburg. Her pet insurance company - Medipet - were willing to cover the expense of the operation and some of the rehabilitation. She did extremely well after this operation, and regained full strength and mobility of the leg quite quickly, and the patella luxation was completely gone. Arwen's mom was totally committed to her rehabilitation programme - usually our first appointment of the day! She also made sure that Arwen's maintained a healthy body weight throughout her confinement after the operation.


Early rehabilitation to ensure good muscle strength and muscular control of the knee is critical to kicking the recovery process off correctly.

About a year later, during a routine follow-up, it became clear that the other knee would also need to be operated on. Thanks to Fourways Veterinary Hospital and Medipet, Arwen was able to repeat the same procedure that had worked so well the first time. No two operations ever go exactly the same, and this time Arwen had a bit more discomfort in the first few weeks after the operation. But with the right care and a very carefully tailored rehab programme, Arwen is now has two bionic knees that work perfectly, allow her to live the crazy, happy, exuberant Boston Terrier life that she should. 

The first few days are the hardest...


But Rehab is FUN!!!!


And all worth it for a great result!

Well done Arwen!!

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