*Carpal Ligament Tear*

When Aura excitedly leapt over the barrier to go see what exciting thing was happening out there, she did not stop to see that she was actually on a second floor balcony. 

The diagnosis was torn ligaments in the back of her paw. This is a serious injury that can cause permanent disability in dogs, and sometimes require that the joints of the dog's wrist be fused (carpal arthrodesis).

Aura and her young owner Lauren are budding Dog Agility stars, so this was terrible news.  Lauren was determined to do everything she could to give Aura her best chance at a full recovery.


Lauren and Aura live in a different province so were not able to visit us at PetFit. So we quickly established a fantastic team of experts who could guide her recovery programme. The team included Dr Vergeer and Salomien Erasmus at Westville Veterinary Hospital who did the initial medical treatment and fitted her with a splint, as well Dr de Bude who did her Shockwave treatments. 


November & December 2018

January to March 2019

April & May 2019

Aura and Lauren are back to full Agility training and doing very well! 

Well done you two! You did a great job!

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