*Cruciate Ligament Tear*

Ruby certainly does have the perfect smile, but unfortunately sometimes bad things happen to good dogs, and Ruby needed an operation to repair a tear a ligament in her left knee.

The Cruciate Ligament in the dog's knee is very important for keeping the knee stable during movement. If the knee continues to be unstable, arthritis will develop rapidly, resulting in pain and disability.


Ruby's mom and dad worked full day, so they were not in a position to keep Ruby confined after her operation. So we arranged for her to stay at the fantastic K-Nine Kennels who know exactly how to deal with Fur-kids that need to be kept quiet. 

Confinement is critical to recovery. No one likes it, but there are ways to reduce the stress of this period.

Food dispensing toys keep your pup entartained, helping to make the time pass more quickly. 

Quality time spent on lead in the garden makes for a happy Fur-child! Small amounts of sun will also help the wound heal faster, but be careful - the shaved areas are prone to sunburn!

Ruby's Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Programme included massage, electrotherapy, underwater treadmill exercise as well as exercises to improve balance and body awareness


Being able to jump onto the couch at home again makes all the hard work worthwhile!