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The PetFit Gym is where

    your dog trains to become

                 stronger, fitter

            & more balanced

Gym sessions include a variety of non-habitual movements prescribed for your dog's unique needs, including:

  • Treadmill exercises

  • Underwater Treadmill exercises

  • K9Yoga exercises like balancing and tricks on unstable surfaces such as peanut balls, yoga balls, balance pods, etc.

  • Aquatic physiotherapy

  • Vibration plate exercises

Physio-prescribed Gym workouts are appropriate for:

  • Rehabilitation after injury, an operation or illness.

  • Endurance, strength & cardio fitness for health maintenance.

  • Injury prevention and performance enhancement for active dogs and sport dogs.

  • Conditioning for breed conformation shows.

  • Controlled, safe mental stimulation & enrichment with added health benefits.


All dogs that use the gym must be cleared for exercise by a Veterinary Physiotherapist. 

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