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The All-Stars Programme was created for the furry rehabilitation patients of AM van der Walt Physiotherapy, to help them set goals, and to celebrate their achievements during their journey.  There are four levels.  At which level each fur-client starts will depend on

the individual's physical ability, but they

all have the potential to become PetFit All-Stars!

A Rookie has many challenges to overcome.  Rookies have significant difficulty getting around comfortably, or struggle to get around at all to perform basic daily functions.  This may be due to pain or weakness, or neurological problems.  Rookies generally still need to do a lot of healing and therapy is usually pretty intensive in this phase. 

A Rocketeer faces some specific physical difficulties, and still needs to do a fair bit of healing.  However, there is more activity allowed at home, and rehabilitation can progress a bit more rapidly in this phase.

A Champ is well on the way to optimal function.  There are still a few little improvements to be made to ensure that balance, flexibility and strength are optimal. 

An All-Star has achieved all the short-term and long-term physical wellness goals set out at the start of their rehabilitation journey.  A PetFit All-Star will either be discharged from Rehab, or moved into one of our Wag-TAILity Wellness Programmes for maintenance.