Optimal health is your journey...

We all have pets for different reasons. Each person and family has a unique relationship with their pets.

But we all want our pets to be

happy and healthy

Sometimes, things go wrong in our pets' lives. When this happens, we need a partner to help us and our pets get back on track again.

At PetFit, we provide you with the support you need to achieve your pet's health, well-being and fitness goals


We can help you  to 

            help your dog be:

  • Fitter

  • More Balanced

  • Physically Healthier

What We Offer:

K9 Yoga Classes

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Gym Sessions

SMART TM Front Feet on Ball Backwards -



Online Coaching


Physio Treatments




How does the process work?

It starts with a 


Because everyone's situation is unique, each person and their pet will have challenges that are different from what someone else is experiencing.

The process of getting better begins by exploring exactly where you and your pet are on your wellness journey, and where you want to be. That enables us to help you map out the best way to achieve your goals.

Your pet is included in the

conversation by means of a full 

           physical assessment

What happens next?

What is                   ? 

At PetFit, we believe that the key to


        great results                                                                                                           is to set the right goals.

Setting the most appropriate goals depends on understanding each individual patient's unique challenges and objectives. 

This is why we use the PetFit All-Star Programme to help each individual understand where they are on their healing journey,

as well as where they are aiming to be.

1. A Rookie has many challenges to face, but it's the start of an amazing journey to wellness. Typically a patient in the early stages after an operation or injury

3. A Champ is almost there! Overall a Champ is healthy and functioning well, but achieving a few more goals can reduce risk of reinjury and help him/her be a the best version of themsleves

4. An All-Star has overcome significant challenges and achieved incredible goals to graduate from the PetFit All-Star Programme. This accomplishment is testament to the commitment, love and devotion of all the Pet's caregivers

2. A Rocketeer is making great progress, but is still needs to achieve significant improvements on the road to optimal health

Ready to start a       


I look forward to hearing from you!

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